BCS Podcast: Jason Harrod

Blue Collar Songwriting is excited to feature acclaimed singer-songwriter Jason Harrod on our podcast. Jason has been winning over fans  and music critics alike with his thoughtful, folksy musings and perfectly crafted tunes. His songs cover everything from love to faith and plenty more. BCS recently  chatted with Jason about his long, fulfilling career as a songwriter and performer, the ups and downs of the always-changing music industry, pros and cons of streaming, and more. Be sure to check out his website(s) via the links below photo.
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f: facebook.com/jasonharrodmusic
t: twitter.com/jasonharrod

BCS Podcast: Dale Wicks

Dale Wicks is a songwriter’s songwriter. Though he makes music with wide appeal for listeners, he also pens the kind of lyrics and melodies that songwriters of all varieties and genres are envious of. With a sound that blends alt-country, folk, and rock, Dale is winning over fans, critics, and colleagues with his music. He sat down with BCS to discuss his own musical history, views on songwriting, and even some thoughts on the current music industry. Be sure to check out him out at: www.dalewicks.com

Now on with the show!

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