House Concerts, Listening Rooms, DIY

Though we’ve covered a lot of ground, we will be shifting 90% of our focus onto venues, artists, advocates, etc. who deal with alternative venues, and the artists who play them. These include house concerts, listening rooms, DIY venues, all-ages, etc. More info to come! Stay tuned!
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The Smothers Brothers: Funny Politics


In this post-Trump world of possible (ahem, likely) treason, rampant dishonesty, insane loyalty to a man who’s more insane than loyal, and the normalization of exclusion, we need political songwriters more than ever. But lest we all become too sour-faced, we also need songwriters & performers with a sense of humor. And though I think I saw one of them on a Carnival Cruise commercial recently, The Smothers Brother were as political as they were funny. So here are a few songs from this important duet. Brothers…we need you now more than ever.

1. The Draft Dodger Rag:

2.  The One on the Left is on the Right”
“Noel Harrison…comes to us fresh from his cancelled TV show.”
“The truth is not very commercial. But not getting along is, so here’s a song about not getting along.”

3. Big Time Crime
“Honesty isn’t in season…”

4. My Old Man
Just wait….

5. Steve Martin’s Socko Boppo Comedy Routine
Because Steve Martin rules

“Bragging” Folk Tune

There’s a lot of variety when it comes to old American folk tunes. One type that was popular was “bragging folk tunes.” Listen to the tune and lyrics. It’s not hard to figure out what this type of song is. Feel free to write your own bragging tune, though don’t blame me if someone calls you a self-centered prick:

Trivia Bit: McFarland and Gardner, better known as Mac and Bob, began playing together at the Kentucky School For The Blind where they were both students.

This is the school.

This is the duo

This is the bragging song.

Broken Social Scene To Release New Album

Just revealed today. They look really old. This is still cool. They only make solid albums so I can’t imagine this won’t follow suit.

Here’s a very cool, young pic of them. bss-1440x660.jpg

Here’s them looking older but cool, for the most part.

Album is “Hug of Thunder” out July 7th.
Stay young in your heart, folks.

5 Real Bands That Look Like Pretend Band “Stillwater”

Remember that great rock n’ roll flick Almost Famous? If you haven’t seen it then do so immediately or else this fine article will make zero sense. If you have, you’ll recall of course that it’s about a young journalist following a fictitious band named Stillwater. Take a look:


Here is Stillwater playing their sort-of-ok hit from the movie, titled “Fever Dog”:

And here they are playing a much better song:

The actors played their own instruments, taught by the legendary, dull, but of-course talented Peter Frampton. He is in the movie. He plays Humble Pie’s manager, oddly enough:


Alright so with all of that as background, here are five bands that look a lot like Stillwater. Though, yes, TECHNICALLY Stillwater looks like them.

1. Pure Prarie League

2. Badfinger (introduced by a Stillwatery-looking Kenny Rogers)

3. Flamin’ Groovies

4. Humble Pie (the idea of whom appear in the movie)

5. America (this is actually a great song and I just wanted an excuse to share it)

Go watch “Almost Famous” already!

Coffin Problem HOUSE CONCERT

Don’t wait another second: reserve your spot for COFFIN PROBLEM at the Blue Collar Songwriting House Concert Series event.  Just email: or click GOING at event’s Facebook event page. $15 suggested donation at show. You can also make a donation via the yellow button below. Please include your email address at checkout so we can send you a “donation ticket” voucher.


Red Tail Ring House Concert

The acclaimed duet Red Tail Ring will be performing April 21st at 7 PM at Blue Collar Songwriting House Concert Series.To reserve your spot, just send your name and number of folks going with you to:  and/or RSVP by pressing GOING at event’s Facebook page. You won’t want to miss this intimate house concert with the great Red Tail Ring.

You can make cash donation of the suggested $15 to $20 at the event. ALL OF IT goes to the musicians. You can also donate via the yellow button below. If possible, please include your email address when asked at checkout. We will then email you a “donation ticket” to bring with you to the show.

Small price to pay to support great musicians AND enjoy great music in an intimate setting.