10 Musical Moments from Full & Fuller House


Fuller House Season 2 is on!!!! Some of you readers may have given up on any credibility you once thought I had based on the number of exclamation points alone. Oh well. Full House is dear to my child and Fuller House has plenty of eye rolling hilarity to keep fans happy. Music is always a big part of the show. Here are ten of the best moments!

10. Motown Philly Dance

9. Polkahontas and his Beer Sausage Seven

8. Danny Tanner’s heartbreaking rendition of “My Girl”

7. Uncle Jesse sings “Rock-A-Hula”

6. Jesse and the Rippers featuring SCOTT BAIO!

5. I thought this one was awful sweet.

4. Indian dance in FULLER HOUSE

3. Stephanie Tanner led band “Girl Talk” covers Ace of Base’s “I Saw the Sign”

2. A real tear jerker here

1. The number one spot? BEACH BOYS OF COURSE!

Five for Friday: Kris Kristofferson

Happy Dog’s Day! Also, speaking of animals…Kris Kristofferson is the bees’ knees. An outlaw poet. One of the finest singer-songwriters who has ever lived. And he was great in Blade. So we’re gonna celebrate him with some videos. Enjoy!



1. “A lot of Kris’ songs are about the bedroom…”


2. “Writing songs for friends is fun…especially if Johnny f’in Cash is one of them.”


3. “Beautiful song about death, Kris. But don’t die yet.”

Pretty speeches still unspoken
Perfect circles in the sand
Rules and promises I’ve broken
That I still don’t understand


4. “Now THERE’S a duet made in heaven…”


5. “Never a bad time to be caught by Kris. Except in this case.”

5 Things Fans Do That Performers Hate

Alright, we’ve done it this time. Blue Collar Songwriting has officially succumbed to the stupifying, click-baiting form of prostitution  that are “Top Whatever Lists.” Hey they are a lot of fun to read, actually. And write. So go easy on us. And don’t take them too seriously. Except for #3 and #4. HERE WE GO!
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Three for Thursday: Nicholas James & The Bandwagon, Olivia Mainville, Haley Bonar

Happy Thursday, folks. Do yourself a favor and check out these three incredible artists.

1. Nicholas James & The Bandwagon

This just in!!! Midwest folkster Nicholas James Thomasma has christened a musical genre that’s all his own. World: welcome to “Hippy Tonk.” Continue reading

House Show Rules: Or, Five Ways to Avoid Fucking Up A Good Thing

houseconcertAbout a decade ago I attended my first house show. It was in Grand Rapids, MI, somewhere just off of Eastern. The performers were Bunkbed Nights and Breathe Owl Breathe. It was so much better than most of the concerts I had seen in larger, less homey venues. Continue reading