BCS Podcast: Root Custom Guitars


For today’s podcast, Blue Collar Songwriting begins the first of many interviews with folks who actually build instruments. That being said, we’re very pleased to kick this off with a recent chat with luthier Matt Martin. Matt is the owner and builder of Root Custom Guitars. Continue reading

BCS Podcast: Coffin Problem

This week, Blue Collar Songwriting sits down with Sean Stearns of Coffin Problem. From an outdoor bar just down the street from Sean’s home, we chat about the upcoming self-titled Dizzybird Records release, the bands and genres that have influenced Coffin Problem, and much more. Also, check out an exclusive track from their upcoming album below the podcast link.
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Dizzybird Records

BCS Podcast: Sunshine & Christian Somerville

This week, BCS takes a step outside of the music box and into the world of science fiction. On this episode, we interview author Sunshine Somerville, whose science fiction series The Kota has garnered both critical praise and an always-growing following of eager readers. Continue reading

BCS Podcast: Emma Loo


Emma Loo is an artist of contradictions. Musically, her work fluctuates between the whimsical and the downright weird.But behind it all is a respect for craft and a keen understanding of what makes a song a song. When it comes to performance, her concerts move unpredictably between the controlled and the chaotic. Stylistically, her work balances precariously between the traditional, soulful pop of Diana Ross and the unfettered art-rock of Laurie Anderson. Continue reading

BCS Podcast: Alexander Lynch

Alexander Lynch has a voice that will surprise you, an overall sound that will captivate you, and a message that will make you think differently about the world around you. These are the characteristics that make for great songs and pave the way for an exciting music career to come. Continue reading

Spotlight: Christopher Tom

Each week, BCS shines the Spotlight on singer-songwriters who are working hard to carve out their own little-but-growing musical niche. This week, we chat with Christopher Tom.

When did you start to play instruments? When did you start to put these skills to work and develop your current musical career?

When I was 6, I would take guitar lessons. I wasn’t that into it, so by the time the teacher started teaching about notes, I just quit altogether. Continue reading

BCS Podcast: Olivia Mainville

As the great Aaliyah sang in the early 90s, “Age ain’t nothin’ but a number.” This is a maxim that the 19-year old Olivia Mainville proves with each song she writes. But honestly, all numbers aside, Olivia is excellent on her own terms. Continue reading

BCS Podcast: Joe Rodriguez

Joe Rodriguez performs simply as JOE. He’s spent the last couple of years making great music and building up a solid following. Joe has a real knack for bringing people together with his music, so it’s no surprise that he’s been getting more and more attention across the midwest and beyond. Continue reading

BCS PODCAST: Shannon Curtis

After years of performing in bars, colleges, and more traditional venues, Shannon Curtis became tired of the often impersonal nature of these settings and instead found a new “home” altogether for her music: house concerts. Continue reading

BCS Podcast: Jason Harrod

Blue Collar Songwriting is excited to feature acclaimed singer-songwriter Jason Harrod on our podcast. Jason has been winning over fans  and music critics alike with his thoughtful, folksy musings and perfectly crafted tunes. His songs cover everything from love to faith and plenty more. BCS recently  chatted with Jason about his long, fulfilling career as a songwriter and performer, the ups and downs of the always-changing music industry, pros and cons of streaming, and more. Be sure to check out his website(s) via the links below photo.
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