Five for Friday #3: Luke Winslow-King

I hope you have checked out Coffin Problem and Sarah Shook  & the Disarmers new albums. Be sure to check out these as well

3. Luke Winslow King: Blue Mesa

Blue Mesa

He’s built up a big following and critical acclaim for his smokey vocals, clever lyrics, and respectable “throwback” sound to tin-pan alley goodness and New Orleans bayou blues. All of which is true and commendable. He also should be commended for being the handsomest SOB on the planet. Sorry Luke! it’s true.


What I’ve always liked best, however, are his guitar chops. That fact that he never intentionally shows off is his biggest accomplishment. Instead, he focuses on getting plenty of tone and the sweetest sounds out of those strings. It’s never too much, always leaves you wanting a little more in the best way possible. His latest release Blue Mesa gives him the space to really showcase his guitar skills. I cannot think of a slide player who I enjoy listening to more. He also puts on a hell of a live show. Take a look:

Blue Mesa has plenty of that kind of spirit you see above to offer. The track “Thought I Heard You” is damn-near flawless. On second thought, it is flawless. There’s also the killer track “Leghorn Women.” Give ‘er a listen.

His lyrics are less notable on this album. Remarkably simple. But the album is better for it. It was high time he released a record that gave his guitar playing every bit of spotlight it deserves. Heady, clever lyrics wouldn’t have allowed this. He’s been at it for a while. I hope and doubt he’s stopping anytime soon.

Favorite Track: “I Thought I Heard You”

Find out more at


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