Five for Friday #4: Selena Gomez

4. Selena Gomez: “Back to You” (single)


Shut. UP!

You’re just jealous because she signed this photo that she took exclusively for me. No, you’re right, she did not.

Even though many of you who have told me how much you’ve enjoyed this new “Five for Friday” thing will now never read it again, I seriously hope you at least give the song a chance. If you like good, sad, entrancing pop bullshit about getting your heart ripped out of your asshole then look no further than this song. I’ve listened to it about 47 times today. I like Selena Gomez. She can write phenomenal fuckin’ choruses, melodically and lyrically. I LOVE the first line of this song’s chorus:

“I wanna hold you, when I’m not supposed to.”

Well geez, how can you go wrong with that? We’ve all felt that EXACT sentiment, and she SINGS how it feels with simplicity and punch. God, why do I feel like I even have to defend myself for Selena’s sakes. Now I’m mad. Alright, just listen to this new track of hers, from Season 2 of “13 Reasons Why I Drank Four Pounds of Drano and Took a Dump in a Loaded Cannon” or whatever it’s called.

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