The Smothers Brothers: Funny Politics


In this post-Trump world of possible (ahem, likely) treason, rampant dishonesty, insane loyalty to a man who’s more insane than loyal, and the normalization of exclusion, we need political songwriters more than ever. But lest we all become too sour-faced, we also need songwriters & performers with a sense of humor. And though I think I saw one of them on a Carnival Cruise commercial recently, The Smothers Brother were as political as they were funny. So here are a few songs from this important duet. Brothers…we need you now more than ever.

1. The Draft Dodger Rag:

2.  The One on the Left is on the Right”
“Noel Harrison…comes to us fresh from his cancelled TV show.”
“The truth is not very commercial. But not getting along is, so here’s a song about not getting along.”

3. Big Time Crime
“Honesty isn’t in season…”

4. My Old Man
Just wait….

5. Steve Martin’s Socko Boppo Comedy Routine
Because Steve Martin rules

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