10 Musical Moments from Full & Fuller House


Fuller House Season 2 is on!!!! Some of you readers may have given up on any credibility you once thought I had based on the number of exclamation points alone. Oh well. Full House is dear to my child and Fuller House has plenty of eye rolling hilarity to keep fans happy. Music is always a big part of the show. Here are ten of the best moments!

10. Motown Philly Dance

9. Polkahontas and his Beer Sausage Seven

8. Danny Tanner’s heartbreaking rendition of “My Girl”

7. Uncle Jesse sings “Rock-A-Hula”

6. Jesse and the Rippers featuring SCOTT BAIO!

5. I thought this one was awful sweet.

4. Indian dance in FULLER HOUSE

3. Stephanie Tanner led band “Girl Talk” covers Ace of Base’s “I Saw the Sign”

2. A real tear jerker here

1. The number one spot? BEACH BOYS OF COURSE!

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