Three For Thursday: Snail Mail, Las Kellies, The Cannanes,

On this Thursday, we’re sharing music that’s got a little jangle to it. Let’s start…..

1. Snail Mail

Sometimes a song or sound grabs your attention so immediately that you panic a little, worried that the name of whoever made it will be forgotten by your brain with the same immediacy. Baltimore, Maryland trio Snail Mail‘s music falls into this category. They’ve wrapped the best of 80s college rock, 90s shoegazer, and the kind of experimental soundscapes that keep you fascinated and challenged at the same time. Think Blake Babies meets Slowdive meets rainy days meets whatever the hell Snail Mail is trying to do. Whatever it is, let’s hope they keep doing it. Turns out they are on Dischord Records which makes perfect sense.


2. Las Kellies



There’s a playfulness and whimsy to this trio from Buenos Aires that reminds me a bit of The Shaggs. The big difference between the two is that Las Kelllies are legitimately solid musicans. Regardless, this is the kind of music that can put a smile on any curmudgeon’s face. The music is bouncy, poppy, but stripped down. The guitars sound straight out of the 60s, while the vocals have some definite 80s girl-pop appeal. The choruses are as good as choruses get. Here’s a track that recalls Blondie’s “Rapture,” but with Las Kellies’ own special vibe.

And here’s a full-length performance to enjoy.


3. The Cannanes
Apparently these folks from Australia have an enormous following around the world and I’m an idiot for not already knowing about them. Oh well. They are doing a vinyl re-release of their sophomore cult classic A Love Affair with Nature via the Melbourne label Chapter Music. This is anti-folk with a little jangle and bubblegum stuck to it. Listen and watch below to find out more about The Cannanes.  Album re-release available September 16th, 2016.

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