5 Things Fans Do that Performers LOVE

Alright, we got the negativity out with yesterday’s top five list. It’s time to get positive. Fans, friends, and family who attended our shows, tell your friends, and buy our albums. We really, truly do love you. I’m gonna kiss your asses even more and let you know that we couldn’t do it without you. So consider this top five list a THANK YOUUUUUUU note of sorts. Thank you.


1. When fans pay attention

Our attention spans aren’t great. But what can you do? That’s the hand we’ve been given by our socially mediated culture. Plus, some shows and movies and concerts are not worthy of long stretches of attention. So there’s that. But for those who really zone into the live music, who really embrace the communal love-vibe of seeing a show with a room full of strangers, who put down their cell phones more than they pick them up or at least try to use them to help spread the word about the show, to those listen with their eyes. Yes, to you folks. Musicians of the world thank you from the very bottoms of our insecure hearts.

2. When you say very sweet things about our music on the Internet

Nothing feels better than when somebody posts a video, song, write up, review, picture, etc. of favorite artist or band. These little acts of support may seem small but they mean everything to the people you are posting about. This kind of support is the lifeblood, the motor, the mojo of independent music. Or maybe we should all refer to it as dependent music. Clever.

“Supportive posts? Now THAT’S a big, blue thumb up. YOW!!!!!”

3. Promoting shows even though you are not getting paid a damn cent to do so and, who knows, it may even be costing you money.

There have been a few times when I’ve seen a musician be a complete dick to their fans. For no reason other than pure, shitty arrogance. Do they have no regard for the fact that thse fans have spent all of their days up to the concert telling friends, writing blogs, hosting podcasts, Twittering, Xangaing, you-name-it-ing SIMPLY because they want to spread the good word. If you are a musician and notice that certain people are just really working hard to get your name and music out there then thank the hell out of them. Give them a free album and show tickets and thank them thank them thank them.

4. Buying music 

Not just buying music with money, either. Believe me, your favorite musicians likely need a lot more money than you’d think. But when you shell out a few bucks for an album, or share a free album in exchange for emails, or put a favorite tune on a Spotify playlist, or whatever monetary and social currency you exchange for music, know that it’s a huge deal to the musicians you support.

5. That the words ‘local music’ are a part of your cool word bank

It’s really that simple. 20 years ago local music was about as coveted as local kicks to the private parts. Now the words “local” and “music”  are seriously cool and hip and rad and tubular and we love you for it.

One more meme.


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