Three for Thursday: Nicholas James & The Bandwagon, Olivia Mainville, Haley Bonar

Happy Thursday, folks. Do yourself a favor and check out these three incredible artists.

1. Nicholas James & The Bandwagon

This just in!!! Midwest folkster Nicholas James Thomasma has christened a musical genre that’s all his own. World: welcome to “Hippy Tonk.”
For those who don’t know what the hell “Hippy Tonk” is: welcome to Nicholas James & The Bandwagon. Nicholas has been winning fans all over the world with his pleasant, kooky musical brew that’s equal parts sing-along-folk and country, all roasted in the kind of smoke you’re bound to catch a whiff of in The Bandwagon. He’s like if The Dude had an incredible work ethic and equally incredible songs to boot. He’ll be releasing his latest album Tall Tall Tales on Saturday, July 25th with a concert at the renowned Founders Brewery in Grand Rapids, MI. Head on over to to step into The Bandwagon. While you wait to pick up this upcoming release, go get comfy, get blazed, and get this brand-new video into your brain. Also, scroll down to take a listen to the recent interview on the Local Spins podcast.

2. Olivia Mainville & The Aquatic Troupe

I wanna live in a world where everyone on it has listened to Olivia Mainville’s music a least once. I don’t think she’s even twenty yet and still writes songs that are way better than her contemporaries. There’s a mix of Tom Waits, Vaudeville, and even a tinge of spookiness in her work. The overall concoction makes for some truly top-shelf tunes. It’s youthful music with an old soul. Speaking of youth, Christ, if I hear one more yuppy parent gush about how perfect their shitty kid’s music is then I’m gonna eat a light bulb. Sorry, parents: your kids aren’t that great. However, Olivia is hands down one of the best young singer-songwriters out there. But as Aaliyah said, “Age ain’t nothing but a number.” That being said, Olivia Mainville (whether solo or with her Aquatic Troupe) is a rare talent. Visit her website at But first, watch this video.

3. Haley Bonar

Canada’s got great music. Minnesota does, too. So the greatness of Canadian-born songstress Haley Bonar from St. Paul makes perfect sense. Haley Bonar’s got grit, songwriting chops, and she can pull off one hell of a music video. She’s been at it for well over ten years but is just now getting the attention she deserves. Do yourself an enormous favor and purchase her entire discography. She’s got a a new album coming out in August. Find out more at Also, watch this:

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