BCS Podcast: Sunshine & Christian Somerville

This week, BCS takes a step outside of the music box and into the world of science fiction. On this episode, we interview author Sunshine Somerville, whose science fiction series The Kota has garnered both critical praise and an always-growing following of eager readers. Inspired by C.S Lewis, Madeleine L’Engle, Orson Scott Card, and her enormous movie collection, Sunshine has crafted a world chock-full of unforgettable characters and imaginative storytelling. With her recent novella, The Poet Heroic, Sunshine also uses tragedy in her own life to bring attention to an important cause. She’s joined by her equally imaginative brother Christian, with whom she first concocted The Kota Series throughout their childhood. Enjoy!

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Click here to purchase her recent novella and others works
Click here to  find out more about the Pine Rest Patient Assistance Fund

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