BCS Podcast: Emma Loo


Emma Loo is an artist of contradictions. Musically, her work fluctuates between the whimsical and the downright weird.But behind it all is a respect for craft and a keen understanding of what makes a song a song. When it comes to performance, her concerts move unpredictably between the controlled and the chaotic. Stylistically, her work balances precariously between the traditional, soulful pop of Diana Ross and the unfettered art-rock of Laurie Anderson. And as a person, she comes across as both a fiercely independent, theatrical woman and a flat-out kind, down-to-earth soul. She celebrates her individuality but lights up like Christmas-tree lights when talking about her partner (and musical collaborator) Sam Kenny.

World, we welcome you to Emma Loo. Grab a drink (as you’ll hear, we grabbed plenty during this conversation) and listen as she chats with Blue Collar Songwriting about her creative process, her interest in the metaphysical, and her odd-but-always-interesting story thus far. We even listen to a one of her songs via her iPhone before its released to her brand new album Ancient. So enjoy!

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