BCS Podcast: Olivia Mainville

As the great Aaliyah sang in the early 90s, “Age ain’t nothin’ but a number.” This is a maxim that the 19-year old Olivia Mainville proves with each song she writes. But honestly, all numbers aside, Olivia is excellent on her own terms. With a couple albums under her belt, tours with renowned artists, and a bright future ahead, this troubadour has songs the depths of which are matched only by her story. And that’s exactly what Blue Collar Songwriting finds out about in this podcast interview. Though often joined by her band The Aquatic Troupe, this time BCS sat down with a solo Olivia and talked about her career thus far, her favorite artists, and that one pesky time she dropped out of school, only to find her whole world turned upside down by her love of music. Check out her website at www.oliviaandtheaquatictroupe.com

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