New Track from Nathan Kalish & The Lastcallers


Nathan Kalish has the kind of songwriting and performance chops that even the most seasoned singer-songwriters are envious of. His journey  with acclaimed band The Wildfire has guaranteed him a place in West Michigan’s own impressive musical history. And now, with over two years of constant touring and two albums, Nathan Kalish & The Lastcallers are taking their songs all over the world. Their sophomore release Continental Breakfast of Champions  should make the world very excited.

Without question, this is Kalish’s most  mature work to date. The words are wiser, the material broader. The songs are crisp but unpredictable. Traditional but sneaking into new directions. His vocals have never sounded better. Add to that a host of musicians filling out the whole soundscape  with tunes harkening back to Cash, Willie, and others like them. So grab a drink or, hell, a continental breakfast and enjoy this top-shelf new record.

Standout Tracks: “Religious Freedom,” “Overdosin’ in the U.S.A,” “Return to Stone”

The album will be released on April 8th at The Pyramid Scheme in Grand Rapids, Michigan. To find out when they are coming to your town, visit In the meantime, enjoy this EXCLUSIVE TRACK from the upcoming release:

Listen to this song (right click and save)


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