Horror Rock: Welcome to October.

Well, September is over. Our One Person Band month was mostly a success. Due to life happening, there are a few other One Person Bands who will be featured into October. Aside from that, let’s move on.
When we think of October, we think of Halloween. And can you blame us? Horror movies! Reading scary books with the lights out! Dressing up and getting free candy! Memories of dressing up and getting  free candy. Hiding your adulthood underneath a mask and still getting free candy! And Horror Rock.

That’s right, Horror Music. There is indeed a genre representing this category.  It consists of solo artists and bands singing about scary stuff, paired with a heavy does of scary theatrics on stage. There are sub genres of this as well. From what I’ve researched, the three biggies are horror punk, death rock, and psychobilly. We’ll cover the specifics of these as the month goes forward.

In the meantime, prepare yourself. Blue Collar Songwriting is turning the lights low, getting out the ouija boards, and calling forth the spirits, good and wicked, that haunt the musical landscape that is Horror Rock.


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