BCS PODCAST! Molly Gene: One Whoaman Band


As we celebrate September as the self-declared, official One Person Band Month, we in turn celebrate one of the best One Woman Bands that the scene has to offer. Or, better put, One “Whoaman” Band.” Blue Collar Songwriting is very pleased to present this interview with the critically acclaimed, world-renowned Molly Gene. Molly shares her insights about being one of the first females in a scene that has too often catered to men, to the point where “One Man Band” is often the most often used label. Molly challenges stereotypes, cliches, and the whole OPB culture itself with her raucous hybrid of heavy metal, blues, and good ol’ fashioned rock n’ roll. It’s a style of music that is ┬ánow referred to as “Delta Thrash.” So enjoy!
Click Here to Listen

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