Interview w/ David Mallett


If you grew up in Maine, folk singer-songwriter David Mallett was akin to the ocean, lobster, and Stephen King. One of those local favorites with fame that spread all over the world. I’ve grown up listening to him, was told stories about him by my family, and now into adulthood I’ve continued to listen to and admire his music. Now, as a 35 year old married man, my wife Kate and I have our own little tradition of playing board games in our cozy cabin while listening to David Mallett records on our Technics vinyl turntable.

Needless to say, when the mere opportunity to interview David Mallett came up I did everything in my power to make it happen. David and I had gotten to know each other just a little bit via Facebook, and mid-summer had made plans to have the interview. Having just been married in August, Kate and I had visited my home state of Maine, where we had a “Mini Honeymoon” at a supposedly haunted hotel (just in case you were wondering, we did indeed see a ghost) in an area just outside of the farmhouse where David Mallett grew up as a boy. He currently lives there with his wife, dog, and acres upon acres of land that he continues to farm. After a few FB messages back and forth, we made arrangements to meet at a house he and his wife own, located just across from their farmhouse.

While there, we chatted about his life, his earliest musical beginnings performing with his brother, and his famous “Garden Song” that has been covered by everyone from Pete Seeger to The Muppets, plus a whole lot more in between. I also couldn’t help but notice the sparkle in his eye when he spoke about his two sons who form the acclaimed Mallett Brothers Band (they have been receiving significant and deserved national buzz with their latest release Lights Along the River). After recording the podcast, David invited us to his farm to pick blueberries. While picking, he shared his insights on politics, farming, the environment, and even marriage (ie. “When it comes to having a successful marriage, I honestly don’t have a fuckin’ clue how we’ve made it work…but we have.”) It was an absolute pleasure to spend our morning with one of history’s greatest songwriters. So without further ado, David Mallett.
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