Alright, alright. So you’ve heard it all by now. Gay folks can get married now. Many people are happy about this. A portion of America is not. The many think that portion is full of senseless, out-of-touch old farts. The senseless, out-of-touch old farts are starting to make weird comments about hippies (hello Judge Scalia). You know: same ol’ shit. But you know what? Dammit, we made progress today. People have rights that they should have had years ago. Partnered couples are becoming married couples (or, God bless them, remaining partners). Hospital visitation just might get a little easier. And hopefully…HOPEFULLLLLY…..all those other pesky forms of discrimination that still exist in some strange, backwards, Texas-shaped form will become a thing of the past. Something our grandkids make fun of when they learn history in school. “You know what kids? There was even a time when people thought same-sex attraction was yucky!”


It is all a sign that this little experiment that we call “The United States of America” is, at least in part, seeing some improvements. We are getting better at loving. Hopefully.

So to celebrate the glorious day that was June 26th, 2015, I’m going to predictably post some favorite songs from gay musicians. I hope there comes a day when there are no “gay” musicians and songwriters per se; but just musicians and songwriters. Unless they prefer the gay qualifier. Anyways, let’s get our gay on:

Elton John: “Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters”
Did you all know he was a homosexual or is this news?

When Sir Elton John nails it that sombitch nails it.

Pansy Division: “I Really Wanted You”
They write excellent homoerotic punk tunes that rule. What else can I say about that?

Ricky Martin: “Livin la Vida Loca”
Shut up!!! This song is maybe one of the only very good songs from 1999. I realize how silly that sounds now. But I DARE you not to do a little jig of sorts as you listen to this perfect pop gem.

The Butchies: “Send Me You”
Jennifer Knapp: “Fallen”
Not totally my kind of music. But I’m amazed by her. She is the first Contemporary Christian Musicican I can think of to cover Shawn Colvin, move to Australia, disappear for 7 years, come back gay, release a very gay Christian album, and then release a highly religious, highly sexual song about unashamed lesbian love. God bless you Jennifer Knapp. I forgive you for being such a dick to me that one time I interviewed you.

Wham: “Wake Me Up Before You Go-GO”
Alright, enough of this serious bullcrap. Today is a celebration. This is a stepping stone. This is a raw, succulent piece of history changing the course of everything we are as individuals and as a nation for the rest of time. The effort, the sweat, the suffering, it all comes down to this precious, precious moment where we can be who we truly are, marry who we truly love, till death do us part, (hopefully) without fear, and hopefully this is a step towards imperfect but continual betterment. Get off your patoot and dance. Love. Kiss. Hug. Make love. Shake your ass.  Dance to ridiculously ridiculous pop songs that make you feel better than anything. Wake me up before you go. Go!

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