BCS Podcast: Zach Vinson


Zach Vinson is a singer/songwriter and piano virtuoso. He’s been performing since he was a teen, put out two excellent solo albums while in college, and relocated to Nashville a couple years ago to give his music career even more focus. I first met him when he was a freshman in college, and I had just graduated. I was immediately blown away by his piano skills. He gave me a CD he had just finished after our first conversation. Though the moniker was a bit much (he once went by “Aching Wings” but very wisely chose to just go by his name) the songwriting was especially strong, especially for someone his age. While other young songwriters I had heard sang about break ups, break ups, and, well break ups, Zach’s songs covered everything from religion to death to Dostoevsky and a whole lot more. And even more amazing, he was able to write strong, completely unpretentious songs about these lofty topics. His songwriting skills have only improved during his post-college years. So it’s no surprise that his own musical career has also grown and strengthened. I recently interviewed Zach over the phone about his music, experience thus far, and his forthcoming projects.

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