Lydia Loveless: The Next Big Thing?

I’ve often enjoyed trying to predict which independent musicians are headed for fame and fortune. Not because I’m an expert of any kind. It’s just kinda fun. I’ve been right a few times. I’ve also been wrong several times. Regardless, I think we music lovers should expect a very bright future for Bloodshot Records‘ rising country star Lydia Loveless.

There’s a lot to like about her. Her song lyrics have wit, charm, and even humor. Her music itself has authentic twang but also tremendous, sugary-sweet pop sensibilities. Take her flawless track “Wine Lips.” It’s essentially a song about a drunk makeout session. After a catchy-as-hell chorus about kissing, she cleverly jokes, “Go tell your momma that my French has finally improved.” Indie musicians of various stripes are often and accurately criticized for taking themselves too seriously. Lydia could be one to shatter this stereotype. Take a listen:

She also displays similar appeal on “Really Wanna See You,” the standout track from her most recent album Somewhere Else:

What’s best about her is how well she manages to balance together the old-school country-western vibe with the best part of more mainstream country music. She’s equal parts Patsy Cline and Trisha Yearwood. The result is a sound that has vintage and contemporary appeal. This delicate balance that she’s struck could serve her very well. Cross your fingers that it does.

If you’re in Grand Rapids, Michigan then be sure to stop by Tip Top tonight at 9 pm to catch Lydia Loveless live.

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