BCS Podcast Ep. 10: Interview w/ Burlap Wolf King


Burlap Wolf King, is the vessel of song for South Dakota singer/songwriter, Thomas Hentges. Hentges himself has described his work with Burlap Wolf King to be “a search for bare boned truth in song”.

Blue Collar Songwriting recently spoke with Thomas about his earlier heavy metal years, his transition to a completely different style of music, his musical heroes, and much more.

**EDITOR’S NOTE: This podcast was recorded over the phone while in my car. At the time, the only recording device I had available was a small, handheld Tascam recorder. While the sound quality turned out just fine, there are a couple “car sounds” and the thumps of my boss’ little boy hitting the window with a stick. Only a couple spots where this is a problem. Aside from that, enjoy this great interview with an equally great artist.

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Burlap Wolf King Website

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