HMTV: Halloween Music Television Ep. 1


Halloween rules. It simply does. People dress up as monsters. Kids walk around and get free candy. Ghosts come out and scare the shit out of people. And it takes place during the best season.

This week, to celebrate Halloween, where gonna feature all Halloween-related posts, from videos to just plain cool, scary things. We’re gonna start with…………………


A great song from a great album. “Great album” is way too light of a compliment. This is the Best Selling Album of All Time  (42.4 million copies):



There are plenty of great tracks on this album. Regardless, the title-track has always been one of my personal favorites. I use to do a cover of it at my alma mater’s annual “Edgar Allen Poe” night. I don’t have a copy of that, unfortunately. ANYWAYS, “Thriller” rules. And what’s even BETTER is that the music video perfectly complemented the songs. Actually, it made the song even better. I cannot think of another music video that pulled off such a feat.

So here we go. Here’s the long version:

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