BCS Podcast-Ep. 5: Interview w/ Dick Siegel

This is one of our shorter podcasts, as it was very much an impromptu situation. I was at Harvest Gathering a few weeks ago. It was great as always, but this year was quite rainy. One particular afternoon downpour sent me and many others to the Barn Stage for shelter. Fortunately, the performer at the time won me over the millisecond I heard him. Great songs, great voice, and great stories from the stage. He talked to the audience as if they were all his best friends on earth. And that performer (I’d learn) was Dick Siegel. As soon as the show was over I RAN over to him, complimented the show, and asked if he’d like to be interviewed for this podcast. Dick graciously accepted the invite, which we did on a nearby porch. It was POURING outside, which you can hear on the podcast. My apologies for a few sound issues caused by the rain, though I think it gives it a cozy effect

That being said…here we go!

Listen to this episode
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iTunes Store Site
Dick Siegel’s Website

And check out this great video of Dick Sigel performing:

Here’s him with a full band:

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