BCS Episode 4: Interview w/ PHILLIP ROEBUCK


“He is both a delightful oddity and the purest kind of genius.” -Steve Albini

Blue Collar Songwriting is very pleased to present this podcast interview with acclaimed one man band and banjoist PHILLIP ROEBUCK. As the New York Post aptly put it, “He plucks that banjo like a madman, like the devil himself.”

His music is raw and gritty– as punk as it is folk. Sometimes dark and spooky, often heartbreaking.  Hell, you might even see him playing on your streets one day. On this podcast, we chat with Phillip about his own personal musical history and his efforts to keep the history of folk music (from hymns to sea shanties and a whole lot in between) alive and well. He also shares the joy of maintaining a full time musical career with his family. It’s a fascinating interview.

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Check out this great video of his hit song, “Can I Keep You,” which is discussed in the interview:

Like your music a little louder? Check out this video for “Monkeyfist”:

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