BCS Podcast-Episode 3: An Interview w/ Dan Fisher


(photo by Jill DeVries. Click here for her site)  

Dan Fisher is as ubiquitous as he is talented. He grew up in Holland, MI and now living in Grand Rapids, MI. I swear I seem him everywhere and always, playing guitar or bass in every other band I go see. Great musician, and great to chat with about music.  I remember chatting with him at  Monarch’s Club one night, and our hour long conversation included everything from Traveling Willburys to Taylor Swift and a whole lot more in between. Since the idea for a podcast was brewing at the time, I decided then and there I would interview him. So here it is! Plenty is covered, from Dan’s days as a young, budding musician to his disappointment with his solo-career to his utter joy when joining his first successful career. And there’s plenty of pop cultural tidbits (ie. his theories on why Weezer’s recent output was so disappointing and an impassioned defense of Limp Bizkit.). He also performs three original songs for us. So listen and enjoy….

Click here for podcast
Click here for more info about Dan and his projects

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