Podcast Ep. 1: Interview w/ Sam Kenny


Sam Kenny is a singer-songwriter based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. He has released two albums to critical acclaim: 2007’s See the Storm Through and 2013’s World War I. In this podcast, Sam discusses his musical roots, the importance of open mics, obsolete musical instruments that sound pretty, a song inspired by  a mushroom-induced adventure wherein a close friend steered the Earth using grass as a joystick, and much more. The Podcast begins with the track “Ghost in the Warehouse,” off of World War I. Keep listening and you’ll hear him play some live songs exclusively for the podcast.

<font color=”#333333″ size=”-1″><a href=”http://bluecollarsongwriting.podbean.com/mf/play/a7i9yc/Songsmiths_APodcastforBlueCollarSongwriters.m4a”>Listen to this episode</a></font>


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