Welcome to Blue Collar Songwriting

Blue Collar Songwriting is the latest offering from Sounds Good Ink. Its goal is to offer the resources, tools, and wisdom to help hard working singer-songwriters of every stripe improve their craft, stay adrift in the constantly changing music industry, and help music lovers learn more about their favorite artists. We will do this through the BCS Podcast (which will start as a weekly but gradually increase) and also through the BCS Blog.

The podcast will primarily feature interviews with everyone from singer-songwriters to musicians, music industry experts to audio engineers, and a whole lot in between. The blog will feature original articles, links to articles from other writers of interest, and plenty of posts that are just plain fun. Blog posts will also be a place to feature music and videos from artists that are especially notable, particularly independent and under the radar ones. Each artist(s) post will certainly feature links to local record stores and trustworthy sites for purchasing music made by those featured.

While this site will be especially helpful to singer-songwriters and musicians, it will certainly be a great place for music lovers in general to visit. So stay tuned and let us know what you think. We hope you stop by often  and don’t forget to write.

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